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Let's face it, the news is filled, almost daily, with scary scenarios.  Not only are there instances of child abduction, but fans that get into fights and take it way too far, and active shooters that are looking for places with big crowds.

I'm not trying to scare you, but I want you to be prepared.  

As baseball families, we spend a LOT of times in big crowds.  Whether it's a busy friday night at a southern minor league stadium, or any day of the week walking around Yankee Stadium.  These places are busy, and while the security team will do everything they can to keep the fans safe, you need to be prepared for situations that can come up.

Have a plan.

It's important to decide on a plan as a family, and to instruct your kids of what they should do if they see a person they aren't comfortable with.  If we don't teach them, they won't know. 

As young as possible, start spending time teaching your children personal information. Teach them your name instead of "Mommy" and "Daddy." Teach them your cell phone number.  Ask them to repeat it regularly.

Teach them about safe people- not only should we teach our children to not speak to strangers, but also that they can speak to a police officer if they are lost.  Teach them they can also ask a mom with children for help if they can't find a police officer.

Before entering a crowded place, tell them your expectations first.  Tell them that they aren't to go too far away from you, always holding hands or in the stroller if they are younger.  Talk about a meeting place when you first walk into a place in case you get separated.

In light of recent news-worthy events, it's also important to discuss with your child what they should do if they see a person with a weapon.  It's scary to have to talk about this with your kids, but it's important.  

How do you prepare your kids for a large crowd?  

The Baseball Wife

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