It's that time of year again.  Maybe you're already at your spring training destination, maybe you're packing to leave, or maybe you are one of the lucky ones that gets to stay in your home because spring training is close by.

If you're traveling with your husband this spring, chances are you have found yourself in a new spot for the next few weeks.

My second year in baseball, another wife with the Rays took me to a great luncheon that was held in Orlando.  The event featured speakers from all walks of baseball life and gave me the opportunity to connect with some women in the same boat as me. It helped me to not feel so alone, and to meet some people from PAO and Baseball Chapel that have been mentors to me through my husband's baseball career.

Since 2008 (the first time I went), the event has become even bigger, going from 1 event in Orlando to 3 in Florida and 1 in Arizona.  If you have the chance to go to one of these, I suggest you do. You'll have a great time with other women in the same place as you and learn from the experiences of women that were in your place before you.

The free lunch and childcare don't hurt either.  

The dates and locations are as follows:
March 11 at Sarasota Baptist Church in Sarasota, FL
March 12 at Celebration Community Church in Celebration, FL
March 18 at Generation Church in Jupiter, FL
March 22 at Scottsdale Bible Church in Scottsdale, AZ

To sign up, go to the Baseball Chapel Link Here and make sure to get yourself on the list.  Space is limited!  I'd love to hear about your experience, so be sure to reach out on The Life of the Baseball Wife Facebook Page and let me know your thoughts!  

The Baseball Wife

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