finding work in a new city
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So you've decided to join your husband on the road this season.  You have decided that this season you wouldn't be kissing your husband goodbye in February and you wanted to make the trip with him. It's a big decision to leave the career you have to travel with your husband for the season.

With frequent separation, trades, and many other stressors of baseball life, maintaining a career is difficult, and many wives make the decision at some point or another to put their career on hold for a season or longer to be with the man they married.

But what if you're in the minor leagues and the cost of the both of you going away for the season exceeds the income he will be bringing in?

There is hope.  If you're trying to figure out where you can look for a job when you're only in town for a short time, here are some tips shared by women that have been there.

finding work in a new city

First Of All: Update your LinkedIn Page.  Have your resume and LinkedIn all prepared for your job search.  Make sure to use your network to reach out to people that may be in the area you're heading to for the season.  Remember to include your volunteer work and and skills you've acquired from baseball life that are transferable to the job market.  You are adaptable, flexible, able to handle stress, organized, and able to deal with ambiguity.  If you've been traveling a while, chances are good you've come into contact with many different cultures (think of the different areas of the US you've lived, and consider winter ball and asian ball when considering your cultural background).

Try Babysitting and Nannying.  Many wives find success in joining sites like to find babysitting and nannying gigs in the areas they will be living.  Many families seek nannies and babysitters more in the summer months because the kids are out of school. Another place to work with kids is the YMCA.  They are all over the country, and you will find that it's easy to move from one to another.

Be a Flight Attendant.  One wife in our community is a flight attendant for Delta Airlines.  She is based in Atlanta and her flights begin and end there.  She flies into Atlanta and travels for 3 days at a time.  This allows her to live with her husband year round. Perks of this job include FREE domestic and international flights for her and her husband!  Delta hires 2-3 times a year, and many other airlines, like Southwest, follow the same setup.

Try Out Being a Promotional Model or Brand Ambassador.  You can sign on with several companies for this kind of position and just apply for positions in the area you are in.  Look for Facebook groups titled "Brand Ambassadors of (Enter City Here)" and check out agencies like Assist Marketing, Productions Plus, Encore, CMT Agency, Vantage Advertising, and Action Events & Promotions.

Consider Chain Restaurants and Stores.  If you're looking for a position with a company that can easily transfer you around the country, chain restaurants and stores are a great option.  Women in baseball have found success working with Buffalo Wild Wings, Starbucks, David's Bridal, Francescas, Hollister, and Abercrombie when it came to the moves associated with baseball. Bartending and serving will easily make you cash quick, and you may even find that some of the restaurants near the ballpark where your husband plays offer seasonal gigs as well.

Check the Ballpark.  There are tons of seasonal jobs at the ballpark.  Wives have found success working in areas from beer stands to gear shops.  Typically, the needs and hours of these gigs will be within the same hours that your husband is at work.  Added bonus- you will likely have the flexibility to travel with your husband when he goes to nearby places on the road.

Ask Your Current Employer to Work Remotely.  If you have been working for an employer for a while and have decided to travel with your husband, it never hurts to ask if you can telecommute. The answer is always "No" if you don't ask.  Your current employer may be flexible with you allowing you to keep the career you have while hitting the road with your husband.

Seek Other Telecommuting Positions.  Many companies hire customer service professionals to work from home for them.  Check out positions at Apple, Nordstrom, Asurion, and Dell.  You can also check and see if Stitch Fix has styling positions in the city you're located in.  And Amazon Prime Now is expanding, allowing people to become drivers to deliver their orders in new cities.  You may also find that you fall upon the option to be a virtual assistant.  Keep your eyes peeled for this type of position, because you may find it's a good fit for your lifestyle.

Find a Temp Agency.  Every city has one or more of these companies.  Their job is to recruit for open positions at companies, usually on a temp-to-hire basis.  Many minor league baseball players also use temp agencies for off-season jobs.

Become Self-Employed.  Many women have found success using their passions to start their own business.  Among baseball wives, you'll find photographers, etsy store owners, personal trainers, substitute teachers, writers, and those involved in MLM companies.

There you have it.  Now you're prepared to go out and find the position that fits you best while still traveling with your husband for the season. Best of luck this season, and I'd love to hear what kind of job you found in the comments below!  

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