Written by Kerri O'Reilly
Family & Child Development Specialist
Contributing Writer to The Life of the Baseball Wife 

So your child is approaching that age when it's time to start thinking about preschool. When travel is a major part of your lifestyle, however, traditional preschools are not likely a viable option. Fortunately, the internet is overflowing with resources for parents who want to homeschool (or, in this case, roadschool) their preschool-aged kids. To save you the hours of research it would require to sift through the ocean of preschool curriculums out there, I'm going to share my four favorite options with you:

Option 1: Oak Meadow
Oak Meadow has been around since 1975, so they must be doing something right. They provide homeschool curriculums for preschool all the way through high school. Their preschool curriculum focuses on physical activity and creative projects. A typical day might include some singing, storytelling, and a nature walk. Simply put: this is not a sit-at-a-desk-and-trace-your-letters kind of curriculum. It's very student-centered with an abundance of hands-on activities. It's reasonably priced, too; you get everything you need to homeschool your child for a full year for $120.

Option 2: Mother Goose Time
This is another well-established program; it's been around since 1984. This program provides a theme-based curriculum kit every month. So, you can order a month at a time or you can order a full year of kits up front. The curriculum kits-- which come in a ridiculously cute school bus box-- include both teacher tools and student materials. The curriculum covers math, science, physical development, social-emotional development, literacy, and even second language acquisition. Additionally, Mother Goose Time offers schedules for both a half-day program and a full-day program. This curriculum is a more substantial investment than Oak Meadow. A curriculum kit for a single month will cost you around $75, including shipping. 

Option 3: Hands-on Homeschooling
This program, which was created by a former preschool teacher, offers preschool curriculums for kids ages 2 to 5. All curriculums includes daily Bible lessons. They also focus on the development of other skills, including literacy, social studies, science, and even cooking. Your inner organizational freak will enjoy the orderliness of these curriculums; they're shipped in 3-ring binders that are divided into several easy-to-navigate sections. The curriculums run from September to May and are extremely affordable. For example, the 3-year-old preschool curriculum will cost you around $90. 

Option 4: Preschool Plan It
Maybe you already have a lot of creative ideas floating around your mind and don't need a pre-packaged curriculum. In this case, Preschool Plan it is an invaluable resource for you. This site-- which is free to use, by the way-- offers preschool theme suggestions for each month of the school year and several lesson plan ideas for each theme. Lesson plans focus on gross motor skills, music and movement, math, literacy, and more. The monthly themes are fun and kid-friendly; some examples include a kite theme, doctor theme, and grocery store theme. The only downside to going this route is that you'll have to gather all of your own materials to put these plans into action.

There you have it: my favorite homeschool curriculums for preschoolers. While they all have unique characteristics, they share a common factor: promoting learning through play. As you research curriculums that best fit your needs, keep that in mind. There will be plenty of time for worksheets and desk-sitting in the years to come; try to focus on making preschool about exploration and hands-on activities.

Kerri O'Reilly is a wife, freelance writer, and mom to a kindergartener and a preschooler. She graduated from Virginia Tech (Go, Hokies!) with a BS is in Family & Child Development. Currently, she's 2 classes shy of completing her degree in Elementary Education.

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