I'm Nicole Johnson, and I run this show.  My husband is Elliot Johnson, and he is currently a utility player for the Tampa Bay Rays.  He has played at every level, and I've been there through AA (Montgomery Biscuits), AAA (Durham Bulls), and now the Major League team.  We met in Arizona while I attended Arizona State (Go Devils!) and he was living in the valley playing in the Arizona Fall League.  He is originally from Arizona, I'm not, but I claim it as where I'm from.

We have a son who is learning the ropes of our crazy lifestyle, and we're learning the ropes of parenting.  We're also learning about travel and baseball with a child that has nut allergies. I am currently a stay at home mom that works part time for Stella & Dot. You can check out my personal webpage Here.  We also have a dog that we got the first season we were married, and he's been to more places than most dogs go in their entire life.

Since 2010, there have been several contributors to The Life of the Baseball Wife.  I love this because it gives our readers a chance to see what the life is like from the family side from a lot of different viewpoints and a lot of different levels.  Contributors to this blog include:
Marissa Kloess, Wife to Brandon Kloess
Ck Egan, Wife to Rob Egan
Alisha Perkins, Wife to Glen Perkins
Kimberly Edmonson, Ex-Wife to Marty Brown
Tricia Shelby, Wife to John Shelby III
Sarah Hefner, Wife to Jeremy Hefner
Katelyn Davis, Wife to Wade Davis
Jamie Cormier, Wife to Lance Cormier
Chelsea Carroll, Wife to Daniel Carroll
Toni-Marie Olivas, Wife to Carlos Olivas
Taylor Brigham, Wife to Jake Brigham
Courtney O'Connor, Wife to Mike O'Connor
Tricia Ring, Wife to Royce Ring
Rachel Eyre, Wife to Willie Eyre
Shelly Ruggiano, Wife to Justin Ruggiano
Kelli Ridgway, Wife to Jeffrey Ridgway
Roxanne Drese, Wife to Ryan Drese
Nicole Houser, Wife to James Houser
Wendy Owens, Wife to Jeremy Owens
Danielle Lutz, Wife to Derrik Lutz
Kim Maniscalco, Wife to Matthew Maniscalco
Kalee Maloney, Wife to Matt Maloney
Beth Parker, Wife to Chad Parker
Lisa Heisey, Wife to Chris Heisey
Jen Furmaniak, Wife to JJ Furmaniak
Karie Loman, Wife to Seth Loman
Jessie Green, Wife to Andy Green
Christy Downs, Wife to Darin Downs
Nikki Johnson, Wife to Josh Johnson
Beth Kennedy, Wife to Darryl Kennedy
Michelle DeShields, Wife to Delino DeShields
and several more.

If you are a baseball wife and would like to contribute your stories from life in the game, please email me at baseballwifelife@gmail.com.  I love sharing your stories with others looking to learn about us.  Your experiences could help girls that are just getting started in this lifestyle to know they aren't alone.