Thank you so much for your interest in contributing to the Life of the Baseball Wife!

We are currently seeking writers to contribute stories about baseball, travel, parenting, marriage, food allergies, twins, style and beauty.  We love stories that are relatable to our readers.  Lists, tips, and short stories work best.

Those that contribute accepted content will get a 2-3 sentence bio about themselves that includes a link to their website, blog, or cause.  In addition to publishing your blog with us, we ask that you share your blog on your social media and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

At this time we are paying for new and original submissions we decide to post based on the number of page views the particular post receives over the course of 30 days following the posting date.  

Current earnings are as follows:
0-999 = $5
1,000-2,499 = $10
2,500-3,999 = $15
4,000-9,999 = $25
10,000- 14,999 = $35
15,000+ = $50

Earnings will be paid via paypal within 75 days of the post going live.

Posts that have been previously posted on your own blog are accepted, but at this time we are not paying for those, but we will link back to your blog should you decide to share a post.

At this time, we can only accept 1 blog post per writer per month.

Please email submissions to
Make sure to include whether or not you want your post to be anonymous.  
Additionally, please include a picture of yourself, your byline as you want it to appear, and your contact information (email- for paypal use, not for sharing with readers)

By submitting your content you agree that The Life of the Baseball Wife has the right to edit before publishing. If you wish to withdraw a post from consideration, it must happen BEFORE it goes through the editorial process. Once it has entered the editorial process, The Life of the Baseball Wife reserves the right to publish an edited version of the piece with or without your approval. If you pull a piece after it has been edited before it goes live on The Life of the Baseball Wife, understand that you will be invoiced for the time spent by the editorial team. 

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